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Stephen Voyce

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Stephen Voyce

Artist (Music & Film)

"Born on the moon, raised on Mars, stuck on Earth, reaching for the Stars"

There are five things you need to know about Stephen: He’s a vegetarian, unnaturally terrified of spiders, obsessed with Batman, Michael Jackson is his idol, but most importantly, he believes that everyone deserves to live out their dreams. In many ways, that almost naive ideology is the cornerstone of his charm. It is what makes him so… hopeful.

But this wasn’t always the case for this Canadian/Nigerian singer, songwriter, producer, tech geek, philanthropist and recently actor/filmmaker. When his career was in its infancy, his music served as a coping mechanism, a means for him to overcome loss, the loss of the most important woman in his life, his mum. She had instilled, in him, a sense of unending curiosity and in her passing, he saw that flame extinguish.

As his journey progressed, he saw how his music touched hearts, and that rekindled that spark, one that ignited in him the decision to no longer let circumstance define his life, to choose to be the author of his own story. In his words:

“Whatever you project into the universe, the universe projects back at you. So you might as well be a guiding light and watch the universe come back and guide you.”

With a large and growing fan base, multiple awards and nominations, music having topped charts, major label releases, having been cast in TV shows and movies, etc, Stephen Voyce is well on his way in this new chapter of his career, one that reflects where he is now in his life.

“I still want to make people feel things, that’ll never change. But I also want them to have fun, because, what’s the point of all of this if we can’t spread a little love.”

Like a true Gemini, Stephen is multifaceted, pursuing simultaneously a career in technology. To him, both worlds aren’t distinct but one and the same. He never shies away from being all that he can be.

“Everything that we do is part of who we are. Embracing all of it as one makes us truly whole.”

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