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Cyril Cinder

Ottawa, ON
Joined in April 2021

Drags queer LGBTQ+ host tv drag queen


Cyril Cinder

Drag King

Need a pick-me-up from a handsome gentleman? Want a fantastical creature to tell your boss you're quitting? Maybe you need a 10/10 to let your significant other know it's time for an upgrade? Or want some kind words on a rough day from a fop who's got your back? Cyril Cinder is the king for you!

Cyril Cinder is a dynamic and dramatic drag king known for his unique concepts and high energy performances. One of the stars of Drag Heals season 2 on OutTV, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV, he loves introducing kings to new audiences. A fierce advocate for queerdos and oddballs everywhere, he wins over hearts and minds when he takes the stage and/or microphone as a performer and MC. Known for producing diverse, inclusive, and electrifying shows across both physical and virtual stages, Cyril Cinder brings together seasoned entertainers with new and emerging talent looking to break into the world of drag. He takes pride in being a positive role model for his community and encouraging others to tap into their unique strengths and abilities. Also recognized as a seasoned host, Cyril Cinder can trade witty repartee with the quickest drag queens in the business when given a microphone.

When he’s not doing drag, Cyril Cinder is a licensed psychotherapist and works closely with the LGBT2SQIA+ community. He calls from his life experience to advocate for queer rights, mental health, disabled rights, and other social justice causes.

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